The flavour of a coffee is determined by many different factors, including variety, region of origin and climate. In this sense, coffee can be compared to wine. Not until they are roasted do the coffee beans acquire their delicious aroma. Coffee contains around 1000 different aroma compounds, making it one of the most aromatic of all foods.


Our hand-picked selection of Arabica green beans are crucial and depend on numerous factors like where they are grown and at what altitudes. Our Arabica beans are sourced from quality estates around the world and are grown at high altitudes of between 1500m to 2200m above sea level. Our Arabica beans, known as the finer bean as they are softer, less acidic and less bitter than the Robusta, only grow between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer at an optimal altitude of 1800m and temperatures between 15 C and 25 C. in the highlands. We select the best range of single origin and blended beans to achieve the best balance of body, flavour, acidity and aroma.


Different green coffee beans growing in different regions and conditions worldwide require their own unique roasting techniques to ensure each roast achieves an optimal balance. Our superior grade beans are roasted at optimal temperatures in traditional drum roasters to ensure the best coffee oils are protected and the delicate aromas are achieved. Our coffee beans are roasted in small quality controlled batches in order to achieve maximum flavours and aromas.


Brewesome offers a range of pure coffee in various pack sizes ranging from 75g, 100g, 250g, 1Kg and 3,5Kg variants. Brewesome uses quality packaging to ensure maximum freshness. Our 250g and 1Kg packs have a degassing valve allowing us to immediately package the freshly roasted coffee. This one way valve allows the release of the gas while preventing air in thus keeping the freshness intact. We largely roast on demand for our clients in order to provide you with the freshest coffee. Nature has given us the perfect packaging to preserve the flavour without any impediment namely the coffee bean. Once coffee is ground it starts to oxidize resulting in a loss of flavours and aromas, so store in an airtight container in a cool dark cupboard to keep your coffee fresh.


Beans and brewing are the crucial steps when striving to make the perfect cup of coffee. The knowledge of the person brewing the coffee, the barista, is crucial to providing the perfect cup. We provide Barista training so that the art of coffee preparation and presentation can be maximised.

The degree of the grind based on the brewing method is vital to achieving the correct extraction of the coffee.

The crème is the natural foam that is produced by the extraction process that is produced under the correct pressure. A crème that has fine bubbles and appears rich and thick and is a reddish brown is the one to strive for. White spots appearing in your crème is an indication that the coffee has been over extracted.

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